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What Market Opportunities Are Waiting for Buyers?

Tuesday, November 8, 2022   /   by Shane Kilby

What Market Opportunities Are Waiting for Buyers?

Three things about the current market that buyers should take advantage of.

With all the news of the recession, changing mortgage rates, and rising inflation, are you wondering if it’s a good time to buy a home? The truth is that today's housing market isn't a challenge; it’s an opportunity. Here are three reasons why you should still consider buying a home today:

1. The intensity of bidding wars is easing up.
Month over month, the data shows the number of offers on recently sold homes is declining. That's good news if you've been outbid previously, or you’re just tired of dealing with the frenzy and the crazy market.


2. Fewer homes are selling for over asking price. While it's still a very competitive market, the percentage of homes that have sold over list price recently has declined. 

3. The supply of homes for sale is increasing. That means you have more options to choose from in your home search. 

If you're thinking about buying or selling, have questions, or you want to look at a CRM, let's connect to discuss why today's market may give you the opportunity that you've been looking for.

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